Provider of
Micro Energy Solutions
based on fuel cell technology


Global energy demand to rise by a third by 2035 | Only a maximum of 24% can be covered by renewable energies in current planning | According to these predictions, CO2 emissions would increase by a fifth by 2035, resulting in an average rise of 3,6 degrees Celsius in the atmosphere.


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Zolair Energy Fuel Cell System

Renewable energy cycle

We live the 

Cradle to Cradle


Once the zinc has completed the production of energy – through forming zinc oxide – the zinc oxide can be recycled to new zinc through an electrolytic process. Recyclable share at 96%.

Using renewable energy for this process, becomes an economic and sustainable solution.

Zolair Energy Africa Ltd 

Innovator and producer for sustainable and self-generated energy solutions.

Provide reliable, green, safe, portable and renewable energy solutions – as stand alone or hybrid systems – that operates anytime and anywhere.

Zolair Energy Africa offers holistic solutions by using zinc air based fuel cells – that are energy providers as well as energy storage systems.


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